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Brake Inspections and Caliper Repair in Malvern, Pennsylvania

We invite residents across the Malvern area, to take advantage of our incredible brake repair services. If you are currently experiencing issues with your brakes, choose our team of experts for the best results.

As your leading team of automotive repair specialists, we have offered our customers with over two decades of service in the Malvern, Pennsylvania area. With our experience and knowledgeable we are guaranteed to provide you with the best results.

Each of our certified and insured mechanics is guaranteed to provide you with 100% brake repair satisfaction. We also use the best tools and equipment to get the job done right! 

Are you the owner of a vehicle that is making strange noises like squealing or grinding when stopping? We ask you to seek urgent assistance from our team at McJilton's Auto Service, Inc. for fast brake repairs.

Many automobile owners are unaware of the importance of healthy break for their car, truck or SUV. Poor brake quality can result in a collision as an inability to stop your vehicle!

Some signs that may indicate your need for brake services include squealing, grinding, leaks, and vibrations when stopping your vehicle. If you are experiencing any number of these problems, seek our brake shop for urgent help.

At McJilton's Auto Service, Inc. we offer a variety of services that include brake rotor replacements, drum repair, and caliper replacements too. You can rest assured our team will equip you with amazing results for your brake needs.

It is suggested that you receive brake inspection and maintenance every 3,000 miles at a minimum. Our team of automotive mechanics will provide you with drum brake repairs, and caliper repairs to meet your specific needs.

If you are living in the Malvern area,  stop by or speak with us today at (610) 407-9777 to learn more. One of our friendly associates will be glad to provide you with an answer to any questions or concerns you may have. And schedule your brake inspection right away!


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