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McJilton's Auto Service, Inc. - Kimberton, PA

Transmission Repair and State Inspections near Kimberton, Pennsylvania

Our team at McJilton's Auto Service, Inc. is proud to offer clients with incredible results on all of their automobile repair needs. We offer a variety of services to provide residents with the best options and most affordable prices.

With nearly two decades in business, we are proud to offer each of our clients with dedicated and honest solutions to meet their needs. We offer a variety of services that include exhaust repairs, transmission replacements, clutch repair and much more.

Each of our unsurpassable mechanics is certified and insured to provide you vehicle with the best solutions to your automobile needs. As leading providers of auto repairs, we take pride in supplying clients with affordable services and hard work.

If you find that your vehicle's brakes are becoming increasingly difficult to stop, you may need immediate repairs. Whether you have to push down to the floor or push hard to come to a complete stop, we can assist you.

Maintaining the condition of your brakes is critical in your safety and other drivers on the road. In the unfortunate event of brake failure, you may fall victim to a collision, unable to stop your vehicle.

Other services that we offer our clients include auto A/C repairs, and radiator repairs. If you believe that your vehicle is in need of radiator service, you may be experiencing a failed thermostat, overheating or fluid leaking.

Our team offers transmission services as well. You may find that your transmission is creating loud humming, grinding or slipping while changing gears. These all point to signs that you are in need of transmission repairs or replacements.

We also provide residents of Kimberton with the most incredible options in emission testing. State safety inspections are mandatory for annual tests, many choose to do emission testing as well.

Rest assured when you are in need of auto repair services that are affordable and honest, you will never be disappointed with McJilton's Auto Service, Inc.. If you are living in the Kimberton area call us today at (610) 407-9777, and learn more about our outstanding solutions for automotive repairs

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